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Photography and Photo based art

Under The Mango Tree

Merseburgerstr. 14
10823 Berlin


Sa. und So. 13:00 - 16:30

ON MY WAY. Sharing experiences 9 International women artists and 1 young male artist.

The exhibition- Indian Storytellers of passion and persistence - explores themes of home, memory, spaces, heritage and identity as captured through lens. It focuses on photography as not just a documentation of time and people; It also reveals the photo-based practices of contemporary Indian artists who are rooted in the diversity of cultures within the vast country, while at the same time aiming a global dialogue.

The exhibition shows works in five main divisions of interest; retaining the presentational forms that the artists themselves have developed over the years of their practice.

Participating artists include Ranbir Kaleka, Dinesh Khanna, Amit Pasricha, Manoj Kumar Jain and Cop Shiva.

+49(0)30.787 184 75