schöneberger art 2018

gallery tours and open studios

Saturday, 3th of November: 2 pm - 8 pm
Sunday, 4th of November: 12 pm - 6 pm

Once more, schöneberger art presents for the 11th time its annual gallery tours and open studios with 83 participants consisting of 70 artists and 13 galleries.

Our art event was created in autumn 2008 by an initiative of dedicated Schöneberger artists and gallery owners. Our intention is to enhance diversity and the professionalism of the art scene in Schöneberg by delivering it to a broad audience.

In the past years we have been very successful by increasing the number of participants year by year. The hidden treasures of the Schöneberger art scene became more and more visible.

At the same time, the number of visitors attracted by the tours and open studios as well as the popularity itself increased. The event was renamed 2012 into schöneberger art - gallery tour and open studios.

In summer 2014 we institutionalized the organization of the tours within the foundation of the"Schöneberger Art e.V.”.

From the very beginning, the constant development of our event was supported by numerous sponsors like Schöneberger businesses and the district council of Tempelhof-Schöneberg, who we would like to thank very much.

Such, we are looking forward to the art weekend on November 3th and 4th - to our 11th anniversary, with an attractive and versatile program, while meeting our participants, sponsors and supporters, as well as all known and new faces during the tour.

Board of Schöneberger Art e.V.
Ljiljana Vulin-Hinrichs, Eva-Marie Kreuzberger, Burchard Vossmann, Elfi Greb und Klaus Karwat



Zum 11. Galerierundgang und offenen Ateliers haben wir 5 Kunstführungen konzipiert, die an beiden Tagen das Publikum durch Ateliers und Galerien lotsen und spannende Kunst-Positionen zeigen.

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art tours

 For the 11th time „schöneberger art“, we conceptualized 5 art tours which will take place on both days of the event to guide you through the studios and galleries showcasing exciting positions of art.

For more information and our application, click here.